Gamifying participation and validation of non formal learning

VAXA app is developed to support youth workers and other educators to manage and gamify participation and validation of the non-formal learning that takes place within your project and organization.

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See VAXA in action

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Create your private community

Start a private community for your organizations today! With a VAXA community you can add all of your participants, gamify your participation, projects and learning.

VAXA is a non-profit social enterprise runned by three NGO's. Our ambition is to keep all costs on organizations to a minumum but still be able to further develop our application with our users.
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€ 30 per month

Because of the special situation in the world. Everyone who buys a whole year get free access until 1. August 2020.
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    Add up to 1000 participants
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    Create groups
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    Add your tasks
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    Create quests
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